Cleaning house…

I am now on my personal time off before starting work in a totally new company in October, and the first thing I do this week is to clean house. The main reason for this is to prepare a room for my sister, when she moves in at the end of the year. Spending vacation time to clean house may seem strange, and it is to me, but its something that I’ve been putting off for a long time now, and that room needed a thorough cleaning and touch up before I can really go anywhere for vacation.

The thing about cleaning house in an apartment is that, its not only ONE room that needs cleaning, they’re all dependent on each other. So if I rearrange furnishings and storage in one room, it’ll impact all the other rooms, as all the stuff being removed needs to go somewhere. Which means that I needed to clean up the whole place, just so that I can rearrange the furnishings in one room, so that it’ll be habitable. Ah yes, one of the many drawbacks of apartment living, but the tradeoff is that there’s less taxes and lower maintenance costs.

During the cleaning, unpacking, moving and repacking of the things put in storage, I’ve been reminded of all the things that I’ve stored up and collected over time. My 3 boxes of comic books, each 40kg in weight was 80% of the comics that I collected between the ages of 10 to 17 years old. The condition they’re in are still pretty good, as they’re still individually packed and had been stored in a dry environment over the years. So there’s a good chance that they can fetch a good price, provided I take the time to actually put them on sale on eBay or to a comic book store. Then there’s the books, I knew I had a lot of books in 4 boxes, but it didn’t register until taking them out, cleaning them and putting them up on the shelves. Creative shelving solutions had to be used, coz I definitely didn’t want to pile on all those books onto a single shelf, as the weight may cause it to come crashing down. I’ve had to redistribute the weight of all my RPG Game books onto 2 different shelves – each shelf capable of bearing 20kg of weight.

While cleaning up, I’ve got to thinking that I’ll need to do something for my self mentally as well, since I’m starting at a new company in a few weeks time. I needed to throw out my preconceived ideas of what should or shouldn’t be the correct method of doing things, until I’ve actually seen how things are done in the new company. This can be somewhat difficult for someone who has been doing certain jobs or roles over a long period of time, but it is necessary to ensure that I get to learn something new. This will also help me by giving me room to get to know people, processes and see what has been working and what hasn’t. There’ll always be some baggage that is brought along onto a new job, either intentionally or unintentionally, but I need to make sure that the people around me aren’t burdened by it, coz its not their baggage but mine. So getting rid of these burdens will allow me to make the right mental adjustments to ensure that I’m open to learning new things as well as able to adjusts my experiences to the role, contributing to a better work experience for myself.

In all honesty, if you aren’t able to adjust to a new environment and enjoy your work, there’s really no way that you’ll be able to contribute to the company in a positive way.



PS: If anyone is interested in buying some of these RPG game books, do please drop me a note. I’ve listed some of the titles that I have below.

Game books: Shadowrun (1st to 3rd editions – all source books), Battletech (Sourcebooks and Technical readouts, and all novels), Mage the Ascension (1st & 2nd edition and all source books) and other titles that I can’t remember at this time.