New Beginnings

It’s finally done, I’ve signed on the dotted lines and will be moving onto a new company in October 2011. It has been a great relief to me, relief from the anxiety that has gripped me over the past 2 months. First anxiety – waiting for the results of 5 interviews within a 2 week period, these are all for the same role in the same company. Second anxiety, after receiving the good news that I’ve been short listed and accepted – waiting for the offer letter to sign. Now that is is done, I’m happy and also energized by the thought of a new job, new work environment, and new horizons.

Come Wednesday 31st August 2011, I’ll be tendering my 1 month notice and resignation letter, and will try to clear out all the leave days that I haven’t used in some time. Hopefully I will be able to do so, as I’ve been preparing my handover materials ever since I started sending out my CVs 6 months back.

This is a huge step for me, as I’ve been in my current company for the past 15 years, while changing roles internally between business units and departments every 2-4years, it isn’t the same as actually leaving the company. Are there fears and worries? Most likely, but they’re currently drowned out by the overwhelming joy and exhilaration that I’m feeling now. I do know that I’ll need to learn a lot of new materials relating to the new company and solutions being offered, but I’m a quick learner and do not see a problem in that area.

As you’ve probably notice, I am very excited by this change, as it has been long over due from my perspective. Sure, there may have been many opportunities over the years that I could’ve taken and moved out of the company, but I didn’t as I felt that it wasn’t the right path for me at that time. Was I right then? Most likely not, but I can’t bitch and moan about something that happened in the past, but need to do something to affect my future.

So for all intents and purposes, I stopped bitching and moaning about 1 year back and set out to plan what to do with my life and determine what course of actions I needed to take in order to ensure that this change is underway. I’ve focussed on developing the skill-sets that I determined are necessary for the new role that I would be willing to take up. I’ve also revised all my resumes and CVs to ‘remove or limit obfuscation’, meaning: I made it easier to read and understand what I did, for what role, and how it was done, all within a short sentence. That way the reader, aka: potential employer, would be able to easily understand what I’m able to offer for the post being advertised. For the headhunter, I’ve made my CVs easier to read by positioning it against the market definition for the role I’m currently working as, and outline my capabilities, deliverables for that role and also an understanding of what will be required of me in the new role that may be offered. Do Note: not all companies use the same job descriptions for what you may be doing, so you need to ensure the you’re aware of what you’re doing and compare with the posts that are being advertised.

Please do note though, while I may have revised these details to reflect what the market describes, I did not lie about them. The reason being, the many rounds of interviews will reveal to the interviewers; your capability and understanding of the role, by what is said, by the way you answer them as well as by what you don’t say about the questions or scenarios put to you. I’m not one to market myself by telling people about my skills, capabilities or achievements. In fact most of my former managers and colleagues have told me that I needed to do more of that marketing, as I’m not telling everyone what I’m capable of achieving. I do agree with them on that, but I find that it isn’t in my character to do so, but I had to push myself to do this over the past year, so that I can finally move on with my career. For those of us who can’t ‘sell ourselves’, there is a need to learn to do so, else you’ll never get that job that you really want even though its available for hiring. For those blessed with employers who recognize their achievements and contributions, and are willing to elevate them to the posts that they’ve earned, well… I’m very very happy for you. Not everyone is as blessed though, so for those like me who are not as blessed, I recommend that actions be taken to address any limitations that you may have in the ‘self marketing’ department. Even though this may go against your nature, talents or strengths, there is a requirement in all job applications for the applicant (meaning you) to market the skills, capabilities and achievements. These would need to be clearly stated and also directly implied. Don’t try to beat around the bush with flowery languages, as it’ll just make it harder for people to read the message that you’re trying to convey.

Notice I said ‘earned’ rather than deserved in the above paragraph? Well, in work, no one deserves anything, they need to earn it, and to do that, they need to work for it.



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