Defining a purpose or what gets you through the day

Everyone needs a reason to do anything in life, but does it mean that everyone is selfish or just being mercenary about it? Not really, everyone just has needs, be it about self-gratification or in contributing to the welfare of others.

Whatever the reason involved in why a person does something, the main importance to me is this ‘need’. Why focus on this one quality when there are so many things to discuss about the human condition? Well, ‘need’ by itself is clearly the impetus for the self-serving purpose behind those other elements which color a person’s choice in doing things one way or another. There must be a ‘need’ to do things, seek knowledge, understand things/events/people/etc. Curiosity alone can only motivate us to go so far, there would require another element to push us; as a person or people, to go beyond our limits of the physical body, the mind or of our own understanding – our place in the universe, the limitations of tools, the complexities and mesmerizing power of music/drama/poetry/writing. All these and more are possible, because we have a ‘need’ to pursue it, to invent it, to create it, and especially to nurture it.

This yearning and all-encompassing drive is our passion, sparked by our curiosity and given shape and form through our on perseverance and hard work. Everyone has this gift, whether we use it or not, it is entirely dependent on how the individual and their circumstances and choices on how to lead their lives.

I watched a recording of Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk on TED on February 2009, and my initial reaction was that she was a very funny speaker and a brilliant writer. However, her description of the Creative Genius as an external spirit that visited us from time to time, was what captured my imagination as I found it really thought-provoking.

If our geniuses are visited upon us by divine spirits, then we would supply the drive, the energy and determination to do what is required of us – to dance, sing, act, write, build, craft, paint, etc. This divine gift guides us to our optimal self, granting us a glimpse of the divine, providing us with a union with said divinity for a short span of time. With this mindset, the artist would yearn to reach for it time and time again, knowing that it was not of themselves that their art came from, but from the divine. The artist would then become yielded vessels, as they seek to reach that divinity, each and every time they go on stage to perform, stand in from of an easel to draw, or sit before a computer to write. Their passion will drive them to reach for the divine creative spirit, in order to attain this pinnacle of artistry that they’ve never reached before by themselves.

So for people to create or invent something new, their Need or Passion would be required to drive them to reach out to these Genius Spirits as they come by and visit us.

This passion is in everyone, we just need to ignite it again, as it was when we were younger. When all our hopes burned bright in our hearts and dreams wove through our thoughts without fetters that society, work, life and time having taken its toll on us. Without this passion driving us, the Genius Spirit would might as well just be making noises at us, as we wouldn’t be driven to create anything.


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