Thinking of Waffles…

Was feeling a bit lost on Saturday morning, not sure whether its because I didn’t have anything planned for the day or that I should’ve had something planned to get done.

It started just after I got up, and decided to look for some place that serves GOOD Waffles. I seem to have a very clear memory of having had really good Waffles, memories filled with a clear and vivid image, aroma, taste and texture of the waffles.

The waffles have to be fresh from the waffle iron, so it’s hot enough to melt butter. The crust should have a nice crunch to it when cut with a knife or bitten into it. Leading to a soft center that’s still piping hot, and then combined with the melted butter and maple syrup – simply heavenly.

This caused a slight problem for me, because I can’t remember where it was that I had those waffles. I’m even having trouble remembering whether the place I had these waffles was even in the same country I’m in now. Did I have it on one of my business trips, vacation or any other  regular day?

How can this be comfort food, when I can’t find it??! Isn’t comfort food supposed to make you reminisce about the times when I had it, where, when and with whom? Then why is it that I don’t remember anything about this experience, only of the waffle themselves.

Looking back on the day, I realized that I just needed to be comforted, because I’m in a ‘place’ where I’m making long term decisions in my life and just needed to be reassured that all is well in my world, and will be well in the near future.

Relieving stress through eating, not the best coping mechanism we have, but it works, as we seek to comfort ourselves by retreating into our own world.

Comfort food does provide a psychological contentment, a respite from whatever that was bothering you at the time. Allowing you to shrug off the worries and cares of the moment, for a simpler time. A time when you were much younger, or when you were cared for and looked after. This is usually triggered by the smell and taste of the food, which is one of the strongest memory association tools that a human brain possesses.


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